Common Home Security Perils to Avoid

Fences and gates don’t offer essential security from intruders. It actually offers cover or hiding spots. Extra privacy allows burglars to access home grounds unseen. If your property layout is vast, then plan private fencing in such a way that the main entryway from the street is visible. Doors are a common access points for intruders and if the door is highly visible then their task becomes challenging.

Here are some other home security mistakes homeowners need to avoid

Home alarm installation is a wise alternative, but there are some other security mistakes homeowners make that need to be avoided.

Hide keys outside

Keys are hidden in obvious spots for emergencies like accidentally locking oneself out. Burglars are well aware that keys under a welcome mat or closest pot or above the door frame are commonplace. You can hide the key, but ensure to do it smartly like hide a fake rock among real rocks.

 Security System

Keep landscape maintained

Landscape choices can make the home less-friendly to people with bad intentions. Trees and bushes against the sides of your home offer cover just like fencing. Ensure to grow thin or low-height shrubs and keep dense and tall plants at a distance. The windows and doors must not be obscured by dense bushes or tall trees.

Visible valuables

Windows allow you to enjoy the outdoor but it even permits potential burglars to peek inside. Never place valuable items near the window or nearly visible from the window. Tuck them away or out-of-sight. Large items like TV can be hard to position based on home security guidelines but always shut the blinds every evening.

Ensure that the alarm system is activated when you go to sleep!